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Icon of the Adder

Adder lives forever. When Adder is old they shed their skin and are young again. They eat their own skin, devouring their tail (tale) to begin anew. There is no price Adder will not pay to survive.

Adder is, first of all, clever, and second of all, wants only one thing and they will offer you anything for that one thing. And if you give it to them more fool you.

Shamans call on Adder when sacrifice is called for to gain great advantage; when age, death or injury beckon and a deal is to be made; or when what is old must be sacrificed for what is new, like a serpent eating it’s own tail.

  • Ouroboros
  • Sacrifice for gain
  • Living beyond your time
  • Life at any cost
  • Devouring your own tail (tale)