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Icon of the Boar

Boar roams the woods alone and if they sees you they will kill you because they are hungry and because they can. They do not care about you. They do not have a plan. They do not care about anything but feeding the fire in their belly and feeling the glorious hot red joy of ripping your guts out with their tusk and feeling your warm life blood splash in their throat. They live in the constant screaming now of impulse satisfied.

Boar is not your friend. Boar is not anybodys friend. If you were smaller, they would eat you.

They may eat you anyway.

Shamans who dare, call on Boar to ward against (or impose) deadly injury, to shield against poison and infection, or to evoke the madness of the raging boar.

  • Deadly Injury
  • Poison
  • Infection