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In-Character Communication Between Events

This is, unfortunately, not possible in the game world. Characters outside of the same village are unable to converse between events.

  • Please do not initiate in character communication between events. It is not possible within the game world.
  • If someone initiates in-character communication with you between events, please - just let us know and we will sort things out.

Remember: in Alba, written language is the sole province of the Keepers. There is no opportunity or means to write letters; and outside of events, no opportunity to safely meet with others from outside your village.

There are background options - especially within the Summerlands or the Northlands - which deliberately place villages within possible theoretical reach of each other. This is to generate story and tensions during the events themselves, not to create a reason for downtime communications, and no player communities will be placed in proximity to one another at game start.

Further, the Summerlands background also stresses that contact between villages usually ends up being hostile and violent, and culturally Albanni are insular. Life in Alba does not leave much time for luxuries like cross-community festivals. The risks are too great and the other demands on time too significant.

As a consequence of the above, while no doubt players can find reasons or explanations for why it should be possible to communicate between villages between events, it is an OOC policy decision of the game team that it is not possible - and until events in the game change the basis of the decision, there will be no exceptions to that, no matter how carefully argued.