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How to Contact Carcosa Dreams

Email, which will create a ticket that the core team (Helly, Ian, Antony, Rob, Aquarion) can see and will respond to.

Official things about Alba come from here or, or that email address. Answers on facebook posts will come from the Carcosa Dreams page, but should be backed up with an email.

For our part, we're going to not comment on individual things from our own accounts - email, facebook or in person. Partly because while individual items will have primary writers, and we do have roles to suit our skills, we're keen to avoid the "auteur" approach to credit, the better to emphasise that the primary and contributory work behind Alba is a team effort.

It's not because we want to seem "corporate" or avoid personal responsibility - although not having a single point of blame for group decisions is part of it - it's also that the separation of our personal social media from official duties makes everything slightly easier.

(In the event that you have a complaint specifically about another core team member, contacting one of the others is the correct solution, and you can use their name as above for that).

So, email, or start a new ticket. Thanks.