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Carcosa Dreams regards creating a positive and inclusive environment for everyone to roleplay in as a priority. As such, we treat breaches of the rules of behaviour with as much seriousness as any other breach of the rules, and we will respond accordingly.

Anyone engaging in behaviours in or out of character considered to be bigoted or exclusionary regarding off game physical appearance, age, race, gender, sexuality, physical/mental abilities, religious beliefs or involving non-consensual sexual contact and/or harassment will be asked to leave. This includes members of crew.

If you feel that someone is acting inappropriately or against this respect policy then please contact a member of the games team so that we can contact the individual in private and investigate the situation. This can be done via the games operation desk or by emailing

We understand that these types of behaviours can be very offensive but ask that people refrain from violence and aggressive responses so that they can be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Off-Game Spaces and Noise

If off game areas and after the game has ended do not shout, this includes shouting for quiet. In these areas or instances if a member of crew or a player raise their hand you should stop talking and follow suit. This will allow people to be heard without the need for shouting “shut up” and other associated methods of getting the attention of the room.

This will give those struggling with noise and hearing an opportunity to calm things down/make people aware they are uncomfortable.

Social Media

There is a Facebook interest group where out of character logistical planning, group organising may take place or queries answered. All participants are expected to be courteous and respectful as described in our respect policy above.


The safety guidelines found in the combat and site safety sections of this website should be followed at all times.


All role-play should be consensual but that doesn’t mean it has to be pre-planned. As mentioned in the main part of the event guide certain themes will not be tolerated and we ask that anyone witnessing them reports it immediately so that we can deal with.

As part of this idea around consensual role play all person have the right to walk away from situations they feel uncomfortable or unsafe in without being confronted.

In any instance where you feel uncomfortable or unsafe and want to indicate this then please use the following mechanic/prompt so those around can clearly see it.

Walking Away

Shade your eyes with your hand and say the following “I’m out.” At this point all parties should stop roleplaying momentarily and allow the participant to leave the scene unquestioned.


We aim to make Alba as accessible as possible,and have considered the requirements of all players when designing the game so that no person feels excluded as best possible. Despite this there remains an element of physicality and a number mental challenges due to the nature of exclusively outdoor larp. We understand that camping, the potential for soft ground and British weather amongst other things will be a barrier which cannot be overcome for some.

As you may have seen we will be using different venues for events, each with their own challenges or helpful features. When announcing the booking dates for these venues we will include as much information as possible to allow you to make an informed choice on whether that event will meet your requirements or not.

We will endeavour to find venues with suitable basic amenities though, such as running water and toilets, and with areas which are physically accessible.

Where off game printed materials such as briefs are required they will also be available in large print on a plain background on request.

If you do have any other requirements not mentioned in the design pages or here then please get in touch so that we can do our best to make suitable changes.

For more information on accessing games areas please see the areas page.

Young Persons

Due to the design of Alba persons under 18 will not be permitted to attend.

Given the combination of themes, a live game area and the ever present threat of in character danger/combat it would be irresponsible of us to allow younger players to attend.

The exception to this will be babies who require close proximity to their parents for their physical well-being.

It became clear during the design process that Alba would not be a family orientated larp. This will be disappointing for some there are other existing UK games which do cater for families.


Live roleplay relies on consensual understanding of, and reaction to, the rules to function. If someone chooses to ignore them for an in-game benefit, then they are damaging the game for everyone and we will take appropriate action to restore the game's integrity.

Right of Removal

We reserve the right to, at any point, remove from the game any person or persons we believe to be a detriment to the event, our ability and desire to run the event, or our ability to keep our players safe.

If a member of the games team asks you to leave an area (either localised, or the event field), you are required to follow their instructions.

If you believe this action to be unreasonable, submit a complaint to the games operations desk or after you have complied with the instruction.


Should a person be found to be in breach of any of the rules or guidelines put in place by Carcosa Dreams any number or combination of the following actions may be taken alongside others deemed appropriate to maintaining the safety of all participants. .

  • Requiring you to temporarily leave an area
  • Requiring you to avoid an area or game scenario
  • Requiring you to leave the in character field until a condition is met, for example, until sober or until morning.
  • Requiring you to leave the event as soon as possible, with all the assistance we can provide.
  • Banned from this game for a period of time (Some events, some months, some years).
  • Banned from all Carcosa Dreams events for a period of time.
  • Banned from any events we run indefinitely.
  • Police involvement.

As a general rule we will not enter into any discussion on whether or why a specific person was subject to a sanction of any kind.

We reserve the right to vary that rule where in our judgement the risk of individual safety outweighs the right to privacy.