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20th – 22nd March 2020 - Danemead, Hertfordshire

Rolling fields and gentle hills, kind land with good grazing and rich harvests. The Summerlands are where the Potter and the Farmer hold sway, where the wild past of the Albanni sometimes seems the furthest from now.

Ticket Price: £80

The Keepers arrives at your village shortly before nightfall, their arrival causing quite a stir as none have been by in recent times. By fire and feast they ask for the village to gather and hear their tale.

The Druids of the wild woods near the edge of the Great Plain are drawing in Albanni people. They promise unification of not only all of the Summerlands but that of all Alba. Keepers were banished from their lands when the moon was last full, told never to return unless they would kneel before the Arch Druid. Against the teachings of the Gods they stand. If they cannot be stopped the Summerlands could suffer the same fate as Doggerland. The faithful and true Albannia of the Summerlands are asked to put aside their rivalries and to join the Keeper on their journey.


There will be a fire pit in the IC settlement area.

This event we are negotiating with a caterer. More details to come.

For crew, a selection of food which will require cooking individually will be provided, this will include soft drinks, tea, coffee and snacks. This will be located in the crew area.


There will be extremely limited bunks available. If you are unable to camp due to requiring access or power requirements where you sleep for medical reasons please get in touch. We will prioritise these bookings for access to the bunks spaces.

There will be a separate area for out of character camping. If anything changes regarding your sleeping plans between booking and the event please get in touch via email so we can update our plans.


The venue is a heavily wooded in places with more manged paths between interconnected off game areas and the IC settlement. Accessible washing facilities and toilets are available on site located in the off game and in game areas.

Power is available in the games control area.

Future Events

In 2020 there will be two regional events (for The Summerlands and The Greenwood) and then one or two full country Fest style events, to be announced.