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The Keepers are an order of Druids who hail from a windswept archipelago of islands somewhere off the coast of the Northlands. For as long as anyone can remember that have travelled the lands of Alba, recording and spreading the tales of both the great and the foolish.

For them to hear a tale of your deeds, to record it and spread it far and wide is a great honour. As more hear the tale the story grows, not only bringing fame but also the power to become even greater, to become a legend.

They are the Keepers of story and knowledge, the masters of the written word.

They are outside the influence of politics or bribery, they pick no sides when villages are in conflict.

They will not permit any to disrupt or prevent their work, attempting so is to invoke their wrath and suffer as they wield their knowledge against you as a weapon.

Game Guides and Referees

Whilst Keepers will have a character their main purpose is to act as game guides or referees, a point of call for off game queries, a point of contact for safety and to use some skills or story tokens. They have no agenda other than witnessing the deeds of the people of Alba, they will not intervene in character conflict or drama.