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They tell many tales of this green and eerie land.

They say that the gods lay beneath us,

That the spirits lay around us,

That the power flows through us,

and to us,

and from.

They say monsters come from the sea, of teeth and terror.

They say a lot of things about Alba.

What will they say about you?

Come and find out.

Alba is a new game of heroic myth and legend from Carcosa Dreams.

Where to Start

For an overview of what Alba is, start with Introduction to Alba and the Events page lists our upcoming events. The items in the World section will give you an introduction to the setting of Alba, whereas the Game articles are all about how to interact with it during the game. Though Characters and Look & Feel you can build your own village and characters and what skills they can use. If you have any questions please contact us.

Warning: This wiki is a power source bigger than your head, you are not expected to inhale it in one go, and nobody is expected to have it entirely memorized.

How to use this Wiki

This wiki is a source of long term information. News, Designer Diaries and other more transitory information will go on the Carcosa Dreams website (cross-posted to Twitter & Facebook, and you can sign up to be emailed notifications as well), this is a site for rules and current setting information.