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Previous Events

Whispers in the Hills

The Old Country event 1

8th – 10th November 2019 – Kinver, Stourbridge

The Keepers arrives at your village shortly before nightfall, their arrival causing quite a stir as none have been by in recent times. By fire and feast they ask for the village to gather and hear their tale.

The winds have brought word that in the wooded hills, where the green glade grows short there are two siblings, giants in both stature and presence these Old Ones have gathered a great tribe of Those Who Came Before. As the last snows fell and the woods looked forward to life returning it appears these siblings have fallen out threatening a great war which would surely reach the villages of the Albanni.

The wise and the brave are invited to join the Keeper on their journey to the place where these giants can be found. A peace of some kind must be arbitrated lest the war spread and more giants become involved.