The Midwife

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Icon of the Midwife

The Midwife is the goddess of balance in all things, who stands in the great gateways of birth, life and death, who oversees the great transitions in the life of the Albanni. She is also called the Judge, The Keeper of Doors and The Lady Not To Be Defied. The Midwife stands as patron of moments of greatest danger and risk in an Albanni's life - when luck marks the difference between disaster and reward.

The Midwife is the goddess of those who are on the edge. She is who, when we are bloody and screaming and have nowhere else to turn, we call on. She is the goddess of betrayers, gamblers, the hopeless, the lost, and the desperate. Her favour seldom comes with no strings attached.

  • Birth
  • Death
  • Healing
  • Life
  • Balance in all things
  • Betrayal