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The Settlement

The standing stones and wooden circles laid by the Old Ones attract settlements of various sizes and permanence, some will only exist for a season whereas other have attracted those who have made these places home.

Alba events will be primarily set in one of these settlements. Each event Keepers, for reasons to be discovered will lead the people of Alba to either a local settlement (Regional events) or to places which may be further away (Main events).

It is where tents can be pitched, fire places set and where the Keepers tasked with hearing the tales of the Albanni will be found. Regional specific camps will not be denoted, instead camps will be organised according to village ensuring in most cases those camping in character will be set up with friends.

Threat level and Design

How safe the settlement remains in character will depend on the actions of characters at the events. The world of Alba is a dangerous one and outside of settlements the land is wild and fraught with many he see the Albanni as enemy and prey.

As mentioned in the combat section this area will remain live though out the event, if enemies are not intercepted or driven off there is a chance your character may encounter them stalking your camp. Advice and guidance is also available in the combat section and site safety sections of the website on how to behave and keep the area as safe as possible for all involved.

During set up the settlement will have clearly marked public areas such as meeting places, spaces between camps, Keepers tent/hut and event specific set pieces. We ask that you avoid encroaching in these spaces and do not claim out of character ownership of them unless with specific permission from the event team.

The settlement will be a 24 hour time in area so please keep this in mind when deciding to camp in or out of character at events.


Areas of woodland are often wild and a good place to encounter an assortment of enemies and mystical creatures.

These areas will be live between the hours of 10am and 2am. For the purpose of safety and to give our safety crew time to rest and as we ask that the areas beyond the very edge of woods be treated as out of bounds outside of these times.

For night owls do not worry, there will be encounters along the edges of the settlement to keep you entertained throughout the night (where there is interest).

Standing Stones

These set pieces will be found at the edges of settlements, close to the wild areas but placed in such a manner that they are as accessible as possible. Seats will be made available here and we ask that no persons move the seating placed there unless given explicit permission from the events team.

They are the places of worship, a place for ritual practices and where the Albanni offer up sacrifice and gifts to the divine.

The Other Place

The Other Place is the realm of the spirits, it is not a safe place for the living.

It is a dark, cold and oppressive place lit only by the moon and never the sun, the air thick with moisture ensures every breath is a reminder that the living should tread carefully in this place. In the presence of the living the trees creak and crack even when the weather is calm, their roots reach out seeking to entangle and trap. In the shadows creatures prowl, hunting the living who dare cross over, their fear inducing shrieks and howls can be heard for miles.

The Old Ones marked these places where the living world and the Other Place colide with stones, these places where at night the wilds outside of the hearths warmth become entwined with the Other Place and spirits can be freely encountered.

In the twilight hours the desperate, the brave and the cursed cross over into the wild, they seek out boons from spirits and items with various magical properties which can heal the most mortal of wounds.

The barrier between worlds is so weak in some of these places that it has been known for people to accidentally cross over or even be summoned in, even during the day light hours.

Interacting with the Other Place

All Alba events will be located close to one of these places where the barrier between the world of the Albani and the Other Place is weak. They are places of power where the presence of the God’s can be felt and Shamans may speak to their patrons in person, if brave enough.

When the sun has gone down at an event there will be a significant shift in what is encountered outside of the main camp/settlement areas. The enemies and monsters of the day will be joined by a plethora of entities, creatures and some if not all of the Animal Spirits themselves (if you can find them).

It will be a live area and we ask that everyone choosing to explore the dark adhere to the additional safety guidance found in the combat section of the wiki.

Access Requirements and the Other Place

For those who cannot easily access wooded or uneven areas there will be an in game area of the Other Place provided which will be more accessible. It will be lit, be more easily accessible from the settlement area, be as flat as possible and be provided with seating.

Interactions will take place both during the day and night for scheduling reasons. Details will be available before each event regarding timings and updates on provisions in place.

When booking there will be a space for those playing to let us know they wish to interact with the game in this manner. You do not need to provide any reasoning, it is simply to allow us to prepare the space

Note that this space will be as equally dangerous to your character as other areas representing the Other Place are.

Dangers of entering the Other Place

Along with the creatures stalking the darkness the place itself will try to claim a characters spirit.

If reduced to zero hits in the Other Place and not suitably protected by an aspect of an Animal Spirit (see Shaman) or a Hunter, a character will suffer from the Curse of the Other.

Curse of the Other

Whilst under this curse a character will feel cold and a sense that something is trying to pull them back into the darkness. Their base hits are halved (rounding up) until the curse is removed, which can only be achieved by re-entering the Other Place and asking for a boon of one of the Animal Spirits or a blessing from one of the Gods.