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There is a unique characteristic to the gods of the Albanni, which is a reluctance among the Albanni people to name them. Universally, no matter what the stories they are involved in, the Gods and Goddesses of the Albanni are referred to as “The Something” – there is a deep superstitious fear among the Albanni that to name a god is to immediately and negatively attract their attention upon you.

Many tales exist of those who sought to quest for the name of a god, only to meet a gruesome, inventive and horrid fate upon coming close to their goal.

As such, while the Gods all have many titles, and you should feel free to invent more, they have no names, and you should avoid ascribing them such in play.

The Potter

Make all things tools for the use of you and yours.

The Farmer

Toil makes plenty and prosperity for the community

The Midwife

Life and death turn on single moments and choices

The Storyteller

What matters is the story of your life and how it's told

The Hunter

Know your beast before you dare to seek it out.

The Warrior

Only in contention is your true mettle found.