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  • No real candles are to be used on site, this greatly reduces the risk of a fire, especially inside tents.
  • There are many alternative LED options available from small tea lights to pillar style candles.

Camp Fires/Cookers

Where fires can be placed will be different each event as dictated by the site rules placed upon us. There are some basic principles we will expect all participants to respect.

  • All fires should be raised off the ground except for where sites provide purpose build static fire pits.
  • All fires must be extinguished in a suitable manner and covered before retiring for the evening.
  • No fighting around fires where possible, please see the combat section for details on what is expected.
  • No fires or cookers are to be used inside tents.
  • A bucket of water or sand must be available in your camp if having an open fire.

Fire Safety

Air horns indicate that there is a fire safety incident, if you hear an air horn proceed to the fire assembly point. This will be identified in the event pre-event guide, wait there for further instructions.

  • Once at the assembly point a member of the games team will be available, if you believe someone is missing please inform them.
  • Do not get in your car or collect items from your tent/bunk space.
  • If you see a fire shout “Safety Fire” until you are sure those around you have taken notice.

Accidents and Injuries

Shout “Safety First Aid”.

  • If you hear “Safety First Aid” shouted nearby please take a knee if possible so that the injured person can be identified.
  • A member of games team will restart any action.
  • Keepers will have radios and be able to summon first aid assistance to the location.
  • For minor first aid assistance please head to the games desk where a first aider will be stationed (unless dealing with a serious incident on the field).
  • If you are physically unable to attend a member of the first aid team will come to your location.

Pyrotechnics and Fire Displays

  • No pyrotechnics are to be used by participants without express prior consent by Carcosa Dreams.
  • No fire displays are to take place without prior agreement from Carcosa Dreams.

Driving on Site

  • Where driving on site is permitted, the speed limit is 5 mph.
  • Be vigilant and stick to paths when walking on paths designated for traffic.
  • Parking will be directed by a member of crew.

Camp Safety

  • Ensure all out of character tools, wood, food etc. is tidied away as much as possible to prevent trip hazards.
  • Out of character tools MUST be put away after use and not left lying around camps.


  • All participants must keep noise to a sensible level during off game periods including music in cars and out of character areas.


The consumption of alcohol is permitted however there are some basic principles we ask all participants to respect.

  • Know your limits. Any persons requiring medical assistance or physical assistance to be safe as a result of excessive alcohol consumption may lose the right to attend future events.
  • Alcohol and darkness do not mix well. If you find that you have been drinking a substantial amount then we expect you to stay in or around your camp for your own safety.
  • Alcohol and combat do not mix. Anyone found inebriated and engaging in combat will be removed from the game and asked to leave site when sober.

Illegal Substances

  • The consumption and or possession of illegal substances is not permitted at any Carcosa Dreams event.
  • As well as being asked to leave site, we will also have no option but to inform the local police of the incident.